This is a space where i experiment & explore my artistic vision...

Cover Art

[digital art]

‘Blonde’ by Frank Ocean [re-design]
My favorite album ever. The sounds... The feels... The different energy waves... Makes me feel emotional and content at the same time. Will never get enough of this album. Here is my cover art in multiple colorways representing all the different feelings on the album.

Hiphop music/culture is one of my biggest passions. It opens my soul. Giving me so much joy, insight, excitement, life-energy, knowledge, bliss and a feeling of belonging.
I designed a cover art for a few songs that mean something to me. I tried to capture the vibe, feeling or emotion of the song and match the personality of the artist. This also gave me the chance to explore some new graphic techniques.

I used to think that, when I love a song or album so much, that I should know exactly what every word of the song ment to the artist. I thought if i didn’t; I wasn’t appreciating the song enough. But then i came to the realization...

This is art.

It doesn’t supposed to have one meaning to it. Art is free. Everyone experiences a song differently. Art lives on it’s own. The listener gives meaning to it and that is so so beautiful about it.

Feels on paper

Digital Art

So, waiting or adjusting? Adjusting doesnt mean accepting this new lifestyle of social distacing as the new normal. Human contact is so important and needed. Physical and emotional. Maybe adjusting more in ways to make this experience more pleasant for ourself and the people around us. New ways of living will always give us new insights and perspectives.


What the f*ck if?

Pride. The most unnecessary thing.. It is so human, but also not really. It is a taught behavior, i don’t think it would exist in our natural state. It makes us not express our feelings and emotions. Everything we desire in the core of our being, we suppress. We don’t want to show ourselves fully, it is way too vulnerable. 

But what if... we put our pride to the side... and let LOVE lead the way?

Drawing of Drake’s album cover

‘Nothing was the same’

To be continued........