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I did my 3th internship at Dreams Hostels in 2017, two hostels with a restaurant in the center of Málaga. Their food is all about fun, fresh & healthy. Everything is homemade, even their bread.

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Pictures i made for Nicpic

Re-design logo NicPic

I made the logo a little bit more freshhh and used the small dots which I also use for the food illustrations.

Menu design for NicPic

I had complete creative freedom when creating this menu.
As long as it matched with the vibe of the restaurant. I also made some food illustrations, but then later replaces some with real photo’s for guests to get a better view on what their ordering.

Pictures for Dulces Dreams

Signs for outside

‘’It felt like a whole other world out here. I loved how my brain worked so different here, my whole mindset transformed. The main reason of coming to Spain as an Erasmus student is just to have fun. With that mentality life is just so much better.’’

Bye guapos <3