‘‘No offense, but if you don’t know about Supreme, maybe it’s because you’re not supposed to.’’

Brand research


For a school project, i researched the brand Supreme. Because I’m so fasinated by this brand. 

“My advice for Supreme is to collaborate more with smaller brands. As of right now they are most of the time teaming up with big names only.

I think this is a good thing to do because Supreme doesn’t want to become mainstream. But if they keep doing these big collaborations, all those fans from those big brands are as well getting interested in Supreme. For most brands this wouldn’t be an issue, but for Supreme it would be.

Because first of all only certain types of people have to know about Supreme and second of all they don’t have enough space for that much fans, with only 10 stores worldwide and a limited amount of products. The only thing they can do about that is to open more stores and increase the amount of products, but

then Supreme won’t be Supreme anymore because they won’t be exclusive anymore and become mainstream.

When they focus more on less known brands, they can be lowkey again. Their communication and behavior still is lowkey, but their products aren’t anymore.”